Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Jason moved to Georgia with family and later ended up in Savannah, Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design specializing in Industrial Design. Jason joined the Southside Volunteer Division of Southside Fire/EMS in 1998 and the K-9 Task Force in 2001. In 2004 Jason moved to Orlando, Florida to make magic at the Walt Disney World Resort. In the Fall of 2009 Jason moved the the San Francisco Bay area to be with family. He is enjoying the mountains and outdoors some more now since that was not very possible while in the heat of central Florida.

Just like many, his first bit of magic came in the form of a gift. It was a magic set that started his facination and a lifelong curosity. Since that day in 1983 he was hooked. In 1995 he set a standard in online magic and created the Mysterious Rabbit card trick. It was the first trick online where the user never 'touched the screen'. Currently it is the most copied magic effect online, a fact Jason wishes he could make disappear.

Jason enjoys being a magician, but makes his living in the computer web page and commercial media designing area. He has numerous web pages that he designs and maintains as well as producing other materials for circulation. He also enjoys motorcycles and traveling, which you can imagine is difficult to fit in his schedule with everything else. One of his favorite places to visit are the Disney Parks worldwide.

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