Dain Bramaged
Puzzles for the mind

How many can you solve correctly?

Level 1

Basic Math
Write the following numbers. . .
Nine thousand nine hundred and nine. . .
Tweleve thousand twelve hundred and twelve.

Basic Algebra
A zebra clocked at 40 miles per hour took 80 minutes to run through the jungle from east to west. But when he ran the same level path through the jungle from east to west at the same speed, it took him an hour and 20 minutes. How could this be?

Who loses?
A town on the US-Mexico border where a US dollar is worth 90 cents in Mexican currency. In the town just north of the border a Mexican dollar is worth 90 cents in US currency. A cowboy went into the Mexican town and bought a 10 cent soda. He paid for it with a Mexician dollar, and he was given a US dollar in change since the American dollar is worth only 90 cents there. Crossing the border into the US, he bought a 10 cent soda in the American town, paid for it with the US dollar he just got in Mexico, and recieved a Mexican dollar in change since the Mexican dollar is worth only 90 cents north of the border.He goes back to Mexico and buys another soda, then back to the US and buys another, and he does this day and night, always ending up with a dollar, just as he started. Who loses?

Level 2

Special Rate
Three guests checking into the hotel were told that rooms were $15 apiece. They each gave the bellhop $15, a total of $45. When the desk clerk heard this he reminded the bellhop that the rooms were only $10 apiece. He kept the $30 for the room and told the bellhop to return the balance. On the way up the stairs the bellhop reasoned that since the guests didn't know exactly how much the rooms cost, they would be happy with any rebate. The bellhop gave each of the three guests $3, a total of $9, keeping $6 for himself. Here is where the problem arises. Each guest paid $12 for his room, a total of $36. The bellhop kept $6. This is a total of $42. What happened to the other $3?

What's Next?

What is each series and what are the next few letters each series of letters.....

Set 1 - O, T, T, F, F, S, S,.....

Set 2 - T, D, D, H, H, H,....

Set 3 - T, H, T, T, T, H, T,.....

Acurate Number

Replace each X below with a number from 0 to 9. Arrange the digits such that the digits in the first box is the same as the number of 0's in the number, the digit in the second box is the same as the number of 1's in the entire number, the third box is the number of 2's, and so on.



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