Trauma from the Mysterious Rabbit

This story is how one person had a bad expierence from use of this site. Hopefully yours will not be near as bad. Take notice of your family and friends as these things do happen from time to time.


This was really expensive dude! I went out and bought a rabbit, a deck of cards and tried to duplicate the disappearing card trick. Well, it just got worse from there.

First, the rabbit piddled on the carpet. My wife didn't like that. Then he nibbled her furniture. The coffee table looks funny with rabbit teeth chew marks on the legs.

Next, I laid out the cards like they were on your web page. Sure enough, the rabbit ate one - well, he nibbled on a bunch of them.

Then he got sick, the vet said it was something in the coating on the cards. They're going to keep the rabbit a few days after they pump its stomach.

The wife can't get the piddle odor out of the carpet and demands that I replace it right now.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, I was in such a rush to get the rabbit to the vet, (he was puking all over) that I got in a wreck. Well, actually I hit a pedestrian - a 70 year old nun. Her hip will be healed in about eight weeks.

My insurance man cancelled my insurance for that one.

Back to the rabbit - well, since the rabbit got sick I tried this trick on the dog. He bit me. Something in the coating on the cards I guess. This got him real excited and he tore down the drapes in the family room. I gave up on the dog and put him in the yard.

At this point I decided I would just try the random effect and asked the wife to come in and pick a card (from the few good ones I had left after the rabbit and dog got done working on them).

The wife was pretty upset, but she came in and picked a card. So I told her "Ha, your card is missing!" (I think it was the 8 of spades).

She said "No, but your mind is!" and handed me a summons for divorce.

I figure all the cost to fix the house, settle the suit with the nun, pay the vet, and the attorney(s) won't run more that $70k.

It's really stressing me out! I have about 6 of these cards left, and am staying at the Binford Hotel, 555-1234.

Notice: This is not a true story, but was submitted by a user of this site after having witnessed the Mysterious Rabbit in action.

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